Sherri’s training topics are always on point and relevant in the areas our employees need to grow. We consistently see evidence of our staff applying her ‘teachings’ in our school kitchens. She delivers important information in a friendly and professional manner.

JoHannah Kolianos, Specialist of Team Development, Food and Nutrition Services, District School Board of Pasco County

When I became School Nutrition Director in Leon County in 2011, I realized there was a great need for training and updating the nutrition program. Managers were still doing production records by hand and our nationally recognized computer system had a program for online production records. With a CRE scheduled for that year, I decided it was time to update our methods. I called on Sherri to implement and facilitate back of the house production record software. She worked remotely and onsite with staff to input district menus ensuring compliance with ingredients and recipes. She helped staff create cycle menus per grade level for breakfast, lunch and snack to be entered into the software program; she tested software downloads per school and maintained the program for three years; provided ongoing training for program managers on how to use the production record software; provided technology support for managers the entire time and then trained district staff to be able to hand-off the responsibilities she took on. This was a huge undertaking and Sherri was very knowledgeable, professional and had an excellent rapport with all staff. She also assisted us in preparation for our second CRE, provided ongoing Serv Safe training as well as other training such as customer service and menu planning. Sherri was an invaluable asset to our program. She was always quick to respond to all of our needs. I couldn’t recommend anyone more qualified to provide services and training to any School Nutrition Program.

Cathy Reed, Retired School Nutrition Director, Leon County, Tallahassee, Florida

Sherri provided a great presentation on the new breakfast meal pattern regulations for our cafeteria staff. She did an outstanding job tailoring it to our school system and presenting it in a very practical manner. My staff enjoyed her presentation and gained pertinent information. I would gladly invite Sherri back and highly recommend her services for your Child Nutrition Program needs.

Phyllis Martin, School Nutrition Director, Morgan County, GA

Sherri’s assistance has been a tremendous help. A change in personnel created a last minute vacancy and it was such a relief to begin Free & Reduced processing without having to train someone. By contracting processing of Free and Reduced Application, applications were processed much faster than in the past because it was the sole focus of the contractor. I will definitely consider contracting this service again in the future with Sherri.

Candice Sisson, School Nutrition Director, Fannin County, GA

As a state agency consultant I have utilized the professional expertise and enthusiasm of Lavon Group President, Sherri Webber, for many child nutrition program activities including: Detailed CRE program reviews, including evaluating areas of compliance with the USDA guidance and provision of realistic and accurate recommendations for improving the quality and effectiveness of specific program areas, based on the results of her review. Provision of numerous high quality training sessions on a variety of topics of interest to child nutrition program staff members. Evaluations of her presentations are always excellent. Provision of NRAEF-certified ServSafe trainer and proctor services in accordance with all guidelines of this national food safety training and certification program. Development of training materials specifically for child nutrition program staff. She prepared PowerPoint presentations, pre- and post-tests and many ‘hands-on’ experiences as learning activities for a variety of topics including basic food safety, production records, and quantity cooking recipes including preparation procedures. I highly recommend you contact Sherri today. She will tailor her services to be ‘just right’ for your specific program management needs.

Linda Wiley, MEd, RD, LD/N, SNS