Students create “We Dine Together” group

The concrete courtyard at Boca Raton Community High stretches the length of a football field. When the bell rings for lunch, a flurry of students pack it from every direction.

Almost 3,400 students go to school here. Students say the place is so populated they can go years without seeing the same student twice.

It’s easy to go unnoticed. And intimidating if you’re new, struggle with self-esteem or the English language.

“Coming here, not knowing anyone, took a toll on my confidence. I became socially awkward. I sat by myself,” said Allie Sealy, a 16-year-old junior.

Sealy’s family moved from Broward County her freshman year so she could go to Boca Raton High. Two years later, she and three other students started a group so that no one else would have to eat alone. Read more…

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Caitlin R. McGlade, Sun Sentinel

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