Serving Line 101

Your serving line exemplifies the way you and your staff perceive the importance of your customers. Have you ever eaten off a buffet line? Whether it’s a restaurant, wedding or family gathering, if the food does not “look” good, you will either ask for fresh or more than likely, walk away. Well guess what, your students react the same way.

Think about this, would you eat those last few scoops of mashed potatoes sitting in the serving pan?  You got it, the ones that are dried out and will be scrapped off the edges?  Or would you eat that patty that’s been left sitting over heat drying it out so it looks like leather?  Probably not and neither would I.

Just recently, I was at an association meeting and in the breakfast line at my hotel.  I was having a friendly conversation with a fellow attendee and as soon as she opened the lid to the home fries, a server walked behind the line and she asked for fresh potatoes. You see, we all want our food to be as appealing as it is tasty!

To help spruce up your serving line (no additional time or money needed) use a variety of colorful foods to brighten them up.  You can place foods of different colors next to each to look more attractive. For example, place green vegetables next to chicken or bread/grain products, or how about watermelon sections next to applesauce. Just by rearranging “color” on the serving line can make for a more enticing and enthusiastic reaction from you customers.

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