Free & Reduced Application Verification and the Administrative Review

In preparing for this edition, I was considering addressing two additional new regulation processes, Free & Reduced Application Verification and the Administrative Review. However, after participating in a webinar for both subjects and started researching through USDA FNS websites, my interpretation is that neither process has drastically changed. I believe the Verification process itself remains the same, just reporting some of the SNAP data is requiring more detail. The Administrative Review appears to me, better organized and more descriptive of the requirements and how they will be evaluated. All assessment tools, reports and forms are now available online. In addition, I think the initial emphasis is on assisting schools when non-compliance is identified rather than fiscal action. And I truly believe, since all of these regulations are new to all parties involved, there will be more leniency for review recipients this first year. Instead, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the School Nutrition Directors in Morgan County, GA, Phyllis Martin and Fannin County, GA, Candice Sisson, for contracting with me. Ms. Martin invited me to conduct training for her staff explaining the new breakfast regulations and to review the lunch meal pattern changes from last year. “Sherri provided a great presentation on the new breakfast meal pattern regulations for our cafeteria staff. She did an outstanding job tailoring it to our school system and presenting it in a very practical manner. My staff enjoyed her presentation and gained pertinent information. I would gladly invite Sherri back and highly recommend her services for your Child Nutrition Program needs.” Ms. Sisson needed assistance with processing their Free & Reduced applications and I was more than delighted to help. Being able to stay and work at home for more than a few days has been wonderful! “Sherri’s assistance has been a tremendous help. A change in personnel created a last minute vacancy and it was such a relief to begin Free & Reduced processing without having to train someone. By contracting processing of Free and Reduced Application, applications were processed much faster than in the past because it was the sole focus of the contractor. I will definitely consider contracting this service again in the future with Sherri.”

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We can help put your mind at ease. Our team has been training child nutrition professionals on the new lunch regulations, the new breakfast regulations, menu planning, production records, staff team building, effective communication and customer satisfaction. LET US HELP YOU whatever your program needs may be.

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