Controlling Food Cost

Use cycle menus to help scale down your food costs. We all know how the new regulations are impacting your bottom line, probably some of the reason for even more upcoming changes. However you still have to follow them to the best of your ability. We have heard of cycle menus and the majority of you may be using them, but are your schools actually following them?

Cycle menus allow your schools to track student trends, their likes and dislikes. It gives them opportunity to serve those leftovers without changing the weekly nutrient analysis. It cuts down on waste, you only prepare the amount needed instead of guessing every time it’s on the menu. Cycle menus also help prevent under producing, so you won’t run out of food. We all know, the last student in line should have the same choices as the first student.

Always freeze leftover items that will maintain quality, for the next time they are on the menu. Be sure to date and label items frozen with the date prepared, what it is and add the number of servings. When it is removed from the freezer, write the pulled date.

Remember: Why do this alone…We ARE your Child Nutrition Solution!

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